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Autumn 2018 Outlook

Read about the latest news at the Hillside Trust.  Download the Autumn 2018 Edition of Outlook.

Spring 2018 Outlook

Read about the latest news at the Hillside Trust.  Download the Spring 2018 Edition of Outlook.  

Red Bank Rd. Preserve

Location: end of Old Red Bank Rd in Fairfax, OH Size:  .62 acres Acquired: 2015 from Hamilton Co. Land Reutilization Corp. Features:  wooded hillside located on the border of Ault Park

Crisler Easement

Location: Hebron, KY Size: 1070 acres Features: Wooded hillsides and rich bottomlands  

Elberon Avenue Mudslide Video

  Mudslide caught on tape Watch part of the hillside on Elberon Avenue in action as it falls, and hear landslide expert Brenda Hunda explain why Cincinnati is famous for landslides in North America. Producer: Carrie Cochran. Originally featured at

Baltimore Run Preserve

Location: South of Baltimore Ave between Seegar Ave and St. Leo Place in North Fairmount – Cincinnati, OH Size: 10.12 acres Acquired: 2003, by fee simple gift from the North Fairmount Community Center Features: wooded hillside in older urban neighborhood.

Broadwell Preserve

Location: 3763 Mt. Carmel Road – Anderson Township, OH Size: 17.02 acres Acquired: 1984, by fee simple gift from the late Cyrus Baxter Features: semi-rough terrain with one large creek and four smaller tributaries. Heavily wooded with a majority of younger trees. The property was used as an apple orchard years ago.

Carder Dolwick Preserve

Location: I-275 and Elijah Creek – Hebron, KY Size: 34.25 acres Acquired: 1985, by fee simple gift from Alberta Flottman and 8 other heirs of Raymond and Alma Dolwick Carder Features: extremely steep terrain carved by Elijah Creek with many smaller tributaries, including several notable waterfalls. Home to numerous species of plants and animals.

Coombe Preserve

Location: 2808 Grandin Hollow Lane and Corbin Dr – Hyde Park, Cincinnati, OH Size: 1.376 acres Acquired: Grandin Hollow Ln in 2000 and Corbin Dr in 2004 and 2014 through fee simple gifts from Mr. and Mrs. V. Anderson Coombe and their estate. Features: scenic hollow nestled between residential development at the end of a […]

Geier (Grandview Ave) Preserve

Location: end of Grandview Avenue – East Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, OH Size: .75 acres Acquired: 1995, by fee simple gift from Mrs. Gabriele Geier Features: steep wooded hillside with picturesque views of Columbia Parkway, the Ohio River, and Northern Kentucky.

Goltra Preserve

Location: Brokaw and Baltimore Avenues – Westwood, Cincinnati, OH Size: 67.94 acres Acquired: 1986, 14 acres by fee simple gift from David and Phyllis Goltra. Features: comprised of ridge tops and hillsides, with mature trees.  The preserve is located next to Cincinnati Park Board’s Brodbeck Nature Preserve. In 2007, 36 adjacent acres were added to the […]

Horgan Preserve

Location: west side of Clifton Ave near I-75 – Clifton, Cincinnati, OH Size: 3.86 acres Acquired: 2005, 1.6 acres were acquired in fee simple donation from the Horgan Family. Features: wooded ravine and hillside that was slated for the development in 2004 with 22 townhouses. In 2016, the Horgan Family added 2.26 acres of adjoining land, which […]

Joseph Preserve

Location: north slope of Columbia Parkway, below Ingleside Avenue – East Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, OH Size: 1.083 acres Acquired: 2001, by fee simple gift from Mrs. David Joseph Features: extremely steep wooded hillside with panoramic views of Ohio River, Northern Kentucky, eastern suburbs and downtown Cincinnati.

Lehman Rd. Preserve

Location: north side of Lehman Rd – East Price Hill, Cincinnati, OH Size: 1.894 acres Acquired: 2004, fee simple gift Daniel Schimberg Features: steeply wooded hillside in and around former Summit View Apartments.

Quarry St. Preserve

Location: end of Quarry St. between Virginia and Colerain Avenues in Northside – Cincinnati, OH Size: 13.106 acres Acquired: 2003, by fee simple gift from annonymous donor Features: former quarry site where limestone was excavated for Colerain Ave retaining wall. Includes steeply wooded northern slope where beech and oak are beginning to return. Property is […]

Segoe Preserve

Location: 1767 East McMillan Street – East Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, OH Size: 1.12 acres Acquired: 1992, by fee simple gift from 10 adjoining landowners Features: the property is a moderately steep hillside with some mature trees, brush and undergrowth. It overlooks Columbia Parkway and the Ohio River, with some views of downtown Cincinnati.  

Stern Preserve

Location: east side of Elstun Road – Mt. Washington, Cincinnati, OH Size: 12.7 acres Acquired: 1984, by fee simple gift from the late Robert Stern Features: wooded hillside with several very mature trees, and a creek skirting the southern boundary of the property. Overlooks bottom lands of the Little Miami River. Abuts Cincinnati Parks Department’s […]

Mary and Joe Stern Preserve

Location: Lower Grandin Rd – Hyde Park, Cincinnati, OH Size: 4.151 acres Acquired: 2004, by fee simple gift from Mary and Joe Stern Features: wooded hillside property in area of high building desirability.

Weebetook Preserves

Location: Weebetook and Grandin Lanes – Hyde Park, Cincinnati, OH Size: 7.81 acres Acquired: in multiple phases in fee simple beginning in 1984. Features: comprised of 5 different parcels known as the Shaefer, Geier, Anning, More and Barnes/Dallob Preserves.  Extremely steeps hillsides, with slopes in excess of 35%.  Enjoys beautiful panoramic views of Ohio River, eastern […]

Blaney Easement

Location: Cleves-Warsaw Pike (between Muddy Creek and Van Blaricum Roads – Green Township, Hamilton Co. OH Size: 28.314 acres Acquired: 2001, from Dr. Donald J. Blaney Features: steeply wooded hillside with Muddy Creek forming eastern border of easement.